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Zip-Zap Circuit Snap!

Concept | Level Design | Storyboarding | Art Direction | UI/UX

Create a game for the Tacto Electronics kit.
Teach children about electronics and how circuits work through the game puzzles.

Zip-Zap Circuit Snap Icon
Electronics Environment Design
Electronics Kit Render

The Concept

Dominic the delivery boy has to make his deliveries in a building where the power suddenly goes off. The player has to solve puzzles based on fixing circuits and adding components to turn the power back on in each room to progress. 

The game started off as a 2D top down game which then evolved into a 3D
game in isometric view. I created all the concept sketches as well as the initial
3D explorations to explain the game flow.

The Art Direction

Made moodboards reflecting my vision for the game and gave feedback to the 3D and 2D artists.

Dominic Moodboard
World Moodboard
Exterior Moodboard

The Output


Created all the buttons for the game. Created a UX flow for the game and a tutorial flow as well.

Icons 1
Icons 2
Icons 3
Icons 4
Icons 5
Icons 6

The Final Product

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