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Trapped In Dino-Land

Concept | Storyboarding | Art Direction | UI/UX

Create 10 hyper-casual games for the Tacto Dino kit.

Each game should have unique interactions using the dinosaur figurines

The Concept

The protagonist of our story Jay gets transported back in time when he picks up
a mysterious device in a dinosaur museum. He is stuck in this mysterious land filled with dinosaurs and has to make his way back to the present time. With the help of Ramone and his friendly dinosaurs, the player helps Jay win the games to get him back home.

Each game uses one of the 10 dinosaur figurines to interact with the game. Each game is a hyper-casual game inspired by games like flappy bird and the google dinosaur game. I made proof-of-concept videos to explain the gameplay which were approved and then executed.

Tacto Dino Game Options 2
Tacto Dino Game Options 3
Tacto Dino Game Options 4
Tacto Dino Game Options 5

The Art Direction

Made rough sketches and moodboards to explain my vision to the 2D artist.

Ramone Moodboard
T-Rex game moodboard
Trapped in Dino-Land Map Sketch

The Output

Tacto Dino Elasmosaurus Game
Tacto Dino Triceratops Game
Tacto Dino Map
Tacto Dino T-Rex Game BG 1
Tacto Dino T-Rex Game BG 2

The Final Product

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