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Toddler Treehouse

Concept | Storyboarding | Art Direction

Lead the visuals for a new video channel that aims at making animated videos of nursery rhymes for children between the ages of 1-4.

The two neibhouring houses
Kids and teacher dancing
Circle to egg transition

The Concept

Entertain children and teach them values and manners through fun nursery rhymes and animation. The characters had to be fun

Electronics Storyboard 1
Electronics Storyboard 2
Fix wire UI
Module complete card

The Art Direction

The challenge was to recreate the 3 existing characters from the 3 different games, and make them come together in a simple 2D style because it would be easier to animate. I worked with the 2D artist to recreate the 3 characters and make the environment backgrounds.

The Electronics Workshop BG Concept

The Output


Created all the icons and popups for the game and UX flows from start to end.

Wrong answer card
Correct answer card
Questionnaire UI

The Animations

We put extra effort in tiny transition animations to break from the monotony of the heavy narrative learning experience.

The Final Product

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