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Chess Learn Mode

Concept | Storyboarding | Art Direction | UI/UX

Create a learn mode for the Tacto Chess to teach children all the rules and strategies of Chess.

General Kidd's Cabin
Chess scrolls
Chess Topics

The Concept

General Kidd is a chess enthusiast who is here to teach you all about chess.

To learn chess, first you need to learn about the board and then how each character functions and moves. I created flows for each of these and even went into advanced topics. To keep it fun and interesting for the children, each topic needed to have funny voice overs and animations to explain the concepts.

Castleing Storyboard 1
Castleing Storyboard 2
Castleing Storyboard 3
Castleing Storyboard 4
Castleing Storyboard 5
Castleing Storyboard 6

The Art Direction

Made moodboards reflecting my vision for the game and gave feedback to 2D artists.

The Output

General Kidd's Room
General Kidd
Chess Characters


Created all the buttons for the game. Created a UX flow for the game and a tutorial flow as well.

Choose figurine UI
Check UI

The Final Product

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