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3D Asset Pipeline

3D Modular Asset Creation | Art Direction | Setting Pipeline

Had to create a pipeline for creating modular assets that could be used to create multiple environments. Also created best practices to make workflow seamless between 2D artists, 3D artists, visual designers and unity designers.

City Kit in Unity
Global textures

The Pipeline Flow

I started with defining a base style for our 3D assets. One of our solutions to make our assets look good was through textures and adding soft bevels on our 3D models. Once this was set and approved, I moved on to helping the visual designers understand what assets needed to be modular (world building assets) and what assets had to be unique (props and hero assets). To save on unwrapping time, we decided to use tri-planar shader for the modular assets like walls, rocks and other generic world building assets.

Terra Visual Design Language
Terra Visual Design Language
Terra Visual Design 003
Terra Visual Design 004
Terra Visual Design 008
Terra Visual Design 009
Terra Visual Design 010
Terra Visual Design.011.jpeg
Terra Visual Design.017.jpeg
Terra Visual Design.016.jpeg
Terra Visual Design.018.jpeg
Terra Visual Design.019.jpeg

The Art Direction

Once the flow was finalised, we had to make modular kits based on themes. I picked a stylised city kit and found references for the modellers and texture references for the 2D artists.

The Output

Modular assets
global textures

The Final Product

City kit night
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